SOC, Fertility & CO2 Sequestration

Rescue Earth System

The RO*Food cascade is one of the easiest ways to improve your health while restoring the fertility of farmland at the same time. The regenerative practices RO*Food Farming System also sequestrate CO2 from the atmosphere.

SOC, Fertility & CO2 Sequestration

Increasing Soil Organic Carbon is key to soil fertility and CO2e sequestration. The best way for you to help is by only eat organic | Certified RO*Food Meat, Eggs & Dairy and / or only eat organic | RO*Food veggies, fruit & nuts, etc. for one year … and thereby optimise your health … and then spread the word.

Personal Target: 1 hectare of agricultural land restored
Initiative Global Target: 1 billion hectares of agricultural land restored
Ultimate Global Goal: 3 billion hectares of agricultural land restored

RO*Food — Regeneratively Optimised Food

Eating produce that is Certified RO*Food supports farmers that are restoring the fertility of their agricultural land and pastures by increasing soil organic carbon levels and thereby Sequestrating CO2e from the atmosphere. Furthermore, because of certification prerequisites, and the benefits of natural farming techniques, farms that grow Certified RO*Food produce are havens for wildlife — and they purify the water and the air that flows over their land!

Really good nutritious food — Regeneratively Optimised Food (RO*Food) — can only be grown / raised on farms or gardens that have biologically active soils. This is because the quality of each gram of RO*Food is determined by trillions of interactions by billions of microbes. The functional diversity of the many thousands of species of microbes found within each gram of optimised soil can’t be replicated in a factory!

And wildlife loves regenerative farming! For example, the diverse cover crops used to cover the soil with living plants between crops, significantly increases ecosystem function, and they feed a diversity of wildlife. Another good example is that meat from animals that graze pastures that have a high diversity of species, has a better nutrient profile because these pastures are teaming with life!

Because regenerative farming practices increase soil fertility and sequestrate CO2e from the atmosphere the more RO*Food society eats, the more people help Rescue Earth from ecosystem collapse. In other words, every bite of RO*Food you eat restores you and Earth. Hippocrates said; “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” — Certified RO*Food produce fits this quote perfectly!

Using Regenerative Grazing Management

Regenerative Grazing Management is a structured way of using animals to regenerate pasture, improve soil health and soil carbon storage of soils and improve grazing profitability. This process builds organic material and carbon which in turn supports better nutrient cycling & improved water holding capacity.

In the context of the Rescue Earth System, Regenerative Grazing Management refers to both Adaptive High Stock Density Grazing and Holistic Planned Grazing. Adhering to Regenerative Grazing Management principles is required by farmers to qualify for Certified RO*Food Pasture Raised meat certification.

RO*Food Farming System & Certification

The RO*Food Farming System is in effect a meta-system compilation of many other farming systems. Ultimately, it is an integrated farming system that is based on the achieving best possible outcomes using tried & tested principles and methodologies from many farming systems at the same time.

Organic certification is expensive and it is not based on nutrient density. Unfortunately, many food quality tests support this view. This is the primary reason why the RO*Food certification framework is based almost exclusively on the ecosystem integrity of the soil & the farm.

Regeneratively Optimised Food (RO*Food) is all about microbially optimised food quality. RO*Food is thus certified on on the integrity of the ecosystem that the food is grown in. A key indicator of ecosystem integrity is the Plant Health Pyramid by John Kempf (AEG) — it is used in RO*Food certification.

How can I make a difference?

Only eat Certified RO*Food Meat, Eggs & Dairy and / or only eat RO*Food veggies, fruit & nuts, etc. for one year … and thereby optimise your health … and then spread the word.

N.B. RO*Food certification is done by volunteers that are active RO*Food consumers — in other words; by the people, for the people!

Qualification for this intervention — ERIx10 #4 — is via an easy online quiz (you need to achieve 50% to qualify) and accept (tick) a promise and a pledge before submitting.