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Be the Change!


How we can easily change our future and thrive.

Earth is in trouble. Nature is in trouble. Humanity is in trouble. Even the most unaware amongst us are aware that we are facing collapse. It is palpable. Deep down we just know it. Like deer in the headlights we are blinded into inaction by our perceived ineffectiveness. Yet, there is hope. Hope springs from being able to change this perception through knowledge, knowing and action. Ultimately, the proof is the change!

We all know that Utopia is a pipe dream and that stark reality is a tough sell. Nobody wants to hear it. We are all sick of doom and gloom. Realistically though, change is inevitable, and everyone will be forced to change no matter how much they resist. In contrast, being-the-change is a choice!

So one has to ask, what if there was a way, to make small changes to your life, so that each new day is better than the last? We believe that small changes to your life and in your community can have an exponential transformational effect especially if many people and many communities also make small changes.

The 21 initiatives of the Rescue Earth System are based on actionable science. Like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, they are ambitious, and they are achievable. Participating in the 21 Initiatives will change your life too!

I know this because many people I know have already changed and continue to do so. It may surprise you that an hour a day can completely change your life! Witnessing the profound change is why I have decided to be one of the volunteers working on promoting the #onehouraday4earth Volunteerism Initiative — volunteering an average of an hour a day at home and in a local community.

All initiative targets and achievements will be displayed on Interactive Dashboards including GIS maps. The positive changes that regenerative restoration projects registered with the Rescue Earth System are making will be aggregated so that anyone can see our achievements at a glance. However, the real proof of our success will be visible in ecosystems, communities, and peoples lives.

Notably, you will not be alone! Imagine yourself being one of many people who are also changing their lives and their community. Many small changes that will have a significant impact in moving society towards a more sustainable world and also help to Rescue Earth from ecosystem collapse. You will be a part of volunteer corps that changes people’s lives and the future of our planet. 

Your rewards will be numerous. A healthier, more enjoyable, less stressful life is a common outcome especially if you end up planting your own vegetables. You will also have access to many Online Courses (MOOCs) that cover a wide range of subjects. Practical hands-on courses will be on offer once the severity of the Covid-19 Pandemic has decreased.

Course subjects include: Natural Building, Weaving, Gardening, Wild Fermentation, Cooking, Soap Making, Baking, Permaculture, Composting, Farming, Earthworks, Ecosystem Restoration, Accounting, Finance, Business Skills, Marketing, IT, GIS Mapping, Pottery, Woodwork, etc. Difficulties for  courses and practicals range from basic entry levels to advanced specialist levels.

So you can be-the-change and learn new skills at the same time! Take the first steps to improve your life and Rescue Earth. You can begin your journey by joining the Rescue Earth Sustainability Credit Exchange. You will one of the first to join so you may not find a project that suits you immediately. If your country is not on the list below, please be patient, log your volunteer time, and when your country is live online you can get your RE allocation.

Step 1 is thus about deciding to commit to being the change …

More information on joining Rescue Earth in South Africa during the launch phase. 

Countries with a Rescue Earth Exchange

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