One Hour a Day for Earth

Rescue Earth System

The Rescue Earth System is a holistic suite of diverse regenerative solutions that can be applied to all levels of society, economy and the environment.

One Hour a Day for Earth

The #onehouraday4earth initiative

The One Hour a Day for Earth Initiative #onehouraday4earth is a core ‘umbrella’ initiative of the Rescue Earth System. It involves people from all walks of life committing to volunteering for an average of one hour of per day to a cause / project of their choice. The One Hour a Day for Earth Initiative offers a committed volunteer base to all the many projects listed in the Rescue Earth System.

The RE Sustainability Credits are earned by volunteers by using the Rescue Earth Sustainability Credit Exchange. N.B. You need to join the exchange to participate — membership is free. 1 RE equals 1 minute of volunteering. A RE, pronounced as a ‘rescue’, is a Sustainability Credit and a Carbon Credit.

Working with a group is a fun way to make a difference. And, even composting projects have a diverse range of volunteering opportunities — you don’t have to dig in the muck if you don’t want to!

Finding time for an Hour a Day for Earth

Even in these times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our hectically busy lives leave very little time for ourselves let alone volunteering. This truth makes asking someone to donate an hour a day to a greater cause seem preposterous! However, every person volunteering their hour a day for Earth would improve their wellbeing more than enough to compensate for the ‘volunteered’ time.

Broad-based local volunteerism is a core ingredient of our regenerative socio-ecological approach to Rescue Earth. Communities face many challenges everyday that can be mitigated by simple actions / interventions. If applied, the win-win outcomes these regenerative actions improve both socio-economic and ecological resilience, and the long-term, the well-being of the whole community. Volunteerism thus becomes a culturally ingrained activity.

For example. Alice may spend all her time on helping at a Community Resource Centre that serves as a resource hub for her village, James loves volunteering at a Community Food Garden that donates nutrient dense food to an orphanage, and Emily splits her time between doing Ecosystem Restoration and advocacy for the rights of wetlands. A broad-based regenerative socio-ecological approach means that there are more opportunities for volunteers to serve their community by volunteering to a cause that they are passionate about.

The Rescue Earth System makes it easy to find many ways to make a difference to your community, your life and the future of our planet. Even though the system is very new, you can start now by joining the Rescue Earth System in South Africa during the launch phase. Then you can search the RESCUE Exchange — South Africa ( to find projects that are suitable to you or to start your own.

You can help to restore the Earth’s forests with Billions of trees!

Volunteer to Rescue Earth

We must rise and face the environmental challenges of our time by reversing the economic, physical and social decline of places. This can be achieved by the practice of regenerative restoration of degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems and habitats in the environment by active human intervention and action.

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