Co-creating Public Spaces & Commonage

Rescue Earth System


Co-creating Public Spaces & Commonage

Personal Target: 100 hours of local volunteerism
Initiative Global Target: 100 billion hours of local volunteerism
Ultimate Global Goal: 1 trillion hours of local volunteerism

The Co-creating Public Spaces & Commonage intervention is mostly about volunteerism. It is also about the sponsorship of the materials used to co-create the Public Spaces & Commonage.

How can I make a difference?

Help to co-create Public Spaces & Commonage and actively participate in its operations by volunteering for 100 hours or paying someone to work on your behalf.

N.B. The standardised financial contribution ERIx10 fee is 100 x the minimum wage rate in your country.

Compost your Organic Waste

If you would like to go for it alone then this is the best option for you. Composting your ///

Pay the ERIx10 fee or volunteer towards community composting project

A community composting project is ///