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Permablitz Project System

A Permablitz Project is the creation of a garden using permaculture design principles over the course of a day or a weekend.

Permablitz Project System

Rapid Development of Urban Food Gardens

Permablitzes help people get together and have fun learning about, designing, and creating suburban permaculture systems. Our primary focus is food gardens and our ultimate aim is to make the suburbs social and edible, so that if food ever became unaffordable, you wouldn’t even notice.

At a Permablitz you are learning by doing, whilst getting ideas for your own garden, participating in free workshops, meeting good people, helping to reduce food miles and water use, beautifying underused spaces, sharing resources, eating great food, and preparing the way for healthier, tastier food, while building community networks and urban resilience.

After the bugs & bees have done the pollinating, and benefited from the nectar and pollen, birds get to devour the fruit / seeds of many shrubs and trees that are purposely planted into Permascapes.

Permablitz Definition

A Permablitz is a rapid makeover / restoration of a property to be more regenerative, resilient and sustainable using permaculture as a guide. The term permablitz is a contraction of permaculture and blitz, where a blitz simply means a focused effort to get something done.

To be defined as a permablitz each project must be underpinned by a permaculture design done by someone with a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) –- the most basic permaculture qualification. Permablitz projects are predominantly in more urban / peri-urban landscapes.

The Permablitz Volunteer System

The Permablitz Volunteer System is geared to offer practical experience to RRSI MOOC students so that they have the skills to rapidly build sustainable communities.

Permascapes Blitz participants (volunteers) get 1 BZ plus 1 RE for every minute they volunteer via the Rescue Earth Sustainability Credit Exchange (South Africa <->

Permascapes are often co-developed with other Rescue Earth Initiatives such as: (1) Public Places / Placemaking (2) Walking & Cycling Paths (3) Rain Garden LID Systems (4) Bioremediation Systems (5) Infiltration Swale Systems (6) Community Food Gardens

Food forests are an integral part of Permaculture and most Permascapes have a forest system planted with fruit, nut and indigenous trees.

Permablitz Project Management

A Permablitz Project is managed by a professional permaculture designer,

Funding for materials, plants, tools and equipment, are provided by advertising purchased by Blitz Zone via the ads 4 a cause marketing platform and by donations from Blitz Zone product suppliers.

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We must rise and face the environmental challenges of our time by reversing the economic, physical and social decline of places. This can be achieved by the practice of regenerative restoration of degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems and habitats in the environment by active human intervention and action.

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