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Sustainability Credit (RE) Targets for South Africa

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Sustainability Credits (RE)-- South Africa

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A RESCUE — pronounced as rescue — is a measurable Sustainability Credit and Carbon Credit. RESCUE are represented by the RE ‘currency’ symbol when using the Sustainability Credit Exchange. RE are not transferable but can be inherited from a deceased member.

1 minute volunteer time = 1 RE = +/- 1 kg CO2e sequestrated.

Volunteers volunteer to projects that are members of the Rescue Earth System and are awarded 1 RE per minute they volunteer by the project. The Rescue Earth System does not have its own projects.

pRE, dRE and bRE are allocated to monetary donations.

1 RE = 1 pRE = 1dRE = 1 bRE = +/- 1 kg CO2e sequestrated.

RE (RESCUE) allocation to projects in South Africa

South Africa needs to sequester around 7,5 Trillion kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere (and the oceans) and put most of the carbon in the soil. We hope to log all of that total via the Rescue Exchange which means that 7,5 Trillion RE will be issued by the Rescue Earth System in South Africa. With volunteer time allocations being 2,300 Billion RE, the remaining 5,200 Billion RE are allocated to funded actions / interventions that earn pRE, dRE and bRE.

Funded actions / interventions are staffed by volunteers but the costs of materials, etc. are paid for by donors, producers or manufacturers. Funded actions / interventions are an integral component of the Rescue Earth Initiatives, the Regenerative Community Action Networks (CANs) and the UN SDGs. 1 unit of pRE, dRE and bRE, is equivalent to approximately $0.025 (R0.50) of funding.

RE (2,300 Billion)

RE are RESCUE. RE are allocated to volunteer time.

2,300 Billion RE is approximately 1 hour a day for 20 Million South Africans over five years.

pRE (1.200 Billion)

pRE are patron RESCUE. pRE are allocated to patrons of the Rescue Earth Initiatives

1 pRE is issued per R0.50 donated.

R600 Billion is around 2% of SA GDP over 5 years.

dRE (2,000 Billion)

dRE are donor RESCUE. dRE are allocated to corporate, government and NGO donors funding of initiatives.

Approximately 1 Trillion ZAR in donations over five years by donors towards funding large projects.

1 Trillion ZAR is around 4% of SA GDP over 5 years.

bRE (500 Billion) from ads 4 a cause

bRE are business RESCUE. Some bRE are allocated to ads 4 a cause advertisers.

Approximately 250 Billion ZAR will be raised via the ads 4 a cause fundraising system over five years that will go towards funding NPOs.

250 Billion ZAR is around 1% of SA GDP over 5 years.

bRE (1,500 Billion) from SMME donors

bRE are business RESCUE. Most bRE are allocated to SMME donors.

Approximately 750 Billion ZAR will be raised from SMMEs over five years that will go towards funding paid labour working on local regenerative restoration projects. A good example of a local NPO with many projects is Love Howick. This funding could be in the form of donated goods, services, money, labour, etc.

Some of these regenerative restoration projects will also be funded by corporate, government and NGO donors (dRE).

750 Billion ZAR is around 3% of SA GDP over 5 years.

The initial allocations are extremely generous. The reason for the ‘generosity’ is that we wish to reward early adopters. Also, to be most effective, the system requires an optimal circulation threshold of available units-of-exchange (currency) to be reached, and we believe the early adopters should be the people that benefit from this allocation.

What you get by joining today:

You get 108,000 RE worth of Sustainability Credits — from which you will get R100 worth of discount points (DP) per month — plus you get a once-off allocation of 100 Qu (Quanta) which you can use to purchase home grown veggies, heirloom seeds, homemade products, etc. from any Community Exchange member. And please note that you can use 6 months of DP in advance!

You also get 3,000 Blitz (BZ) units which you can use for a Permablitz. The 3,000 BZ is equal to 1 Permaculture Designer @ 3 BZ per minute plus 7 volunteers @ 1 BZ per minute working for 5 hours on a Permablitz located at your property or at a location nominated by you. The Permablitz System will be starting soon.

Join us for the regenerative restoration of Earth’s ecosystems and the sustainable development of resilient communities — economy, infrastructure …

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Join us for the regenerative restoration of Earth’s ecosystems and the sustainable development of resilient communities — economy, infrastructure …