RSD Course Contributors

Rescue Earth System

The Regenerative Systems Design Course — RSD Course — has the potential to change the future of humanity and save our planet from ecosystem collapse.

RSD Course Contributors

An Invite to Visionaries & Changemakers

We are inviting academics, researchers, education institutions, visionaries & change makers to help us build the Regenerative Systems Design Course. The RSD Course has the potential to positively change the future of humanity and to simultaneously help save our planet from ecosystem collapse.

We will be reciprocating by referring RSD Course students to the content contributors websites, courses, books, videos, YouTube Channels, Twitter accounts, etc. The returns from referrals will far outweigh the time (cost) of contribution.

The first modules of the alpha version of the RSD Course are already live. The reason for making the alpha version live is that we are actively engaging with ‘early adopter’ students and contributors so that we can build the best course possible.

The beta version will hopefully be released by the end of 2023. The ‘completed & refined’ release of the RSD Course (English) should be available in mid-2024. The course will then be translated into other languages — around 10 languages at first at first and then more according to demand.

A basic outline of the RSD Course development, admin & finances is presented in the following sections.

  1. Global Multi-Lingual Access
  2. RSD Course Affordability & Scholarships
  3. Content Ownership & Reciprocity
  4. Regenerative Systems & Fee Allocations
  5. South African Fee Structure
  6. The Course Contribution Process
  7. Viral Marketing via Twitter
Global Multi-Lingual Access

The RSD Course will be available in English only until the ‘completed & refined’ release. Our goal is to translate the course into as many languages as possible.

RSD Course Affordability & Scholarships

The RSD Course has no donors so it is self-funded. Therefore, in the early stages, the RSD Course will only be accessible to members that pay a very reasonable once-off fee. However, scholarships will be available for volunteers after we have reached 10 000 paid-up members.

As you can see from the table below, the first 100 new international members will only pay a once-off fee of $20 for lifetime access to the RSD Course.

Furthermore, only $3 200 000  (from the first 10 000 members) will go to Regenerative Systems. All the other fees will go to funding ecosystem restoration projects managed by NPOs and not to Regenerative Systems.

New MembersOnce-off FeeIncome Value
100$20$2 000
100$40$4 000
100$60$6 000
100$80$8 000
100$100$10 000
100$120$12 000
100$140$14 000
100$160$16 000
100$180$18 000
100$200$20 000
1 000$300$300 000
8 000$400$3 200 000
10 000TOTALS$3 610 000

N.B. After the first 10 000 members the once-off membership fee will be $500

Content Ownership & Reciprocity
  1. Contributors own their content forever!!!
  2. Contributors are compensated for providing content by free referrals (PR) and / or kudos.
  3. Furthermore, the books, channels, movies, documentaries, courses, organisations, websites, etc. of contributors are all actively promoted.
Regenerative Systems & Fee Allocations

(from above) Only $3 200 000 will be paid to the Regenerative Systems.

And, all the income from South African members will be paid to the Regenerative Systems in perpetuity, however long that may be!

The initial funds (from 20,000 students) will be used in the management of the development of the RSD Course — including management of the first 20 000 students — and will last until the end of the beta phase — this includes all hosting & software costs, etc.

South Africa — Fee Structure

The fees for South Africa are discounted. Why? The minimum wage for an hour of labour in South Africa is R25 — this is equivalent to $1.38!!!

New MembersOnce-off feeIncome Value
100R 100R 10 000
100R 200R 20 000
100R 300R 30 000
100R 400R 40 000
100R 500R 50 000
100R 600R 60 000
100R 700R 70 000
100R 800R 80 000
100R 900R 90 000
100R 1 000R 100 000
1 000R 1 500R 1 500 000
8 000R 2 000R 16 000 000
10 000TOTALSR 18 050 000

N.B. After the first 10 000 members the once-off membership fee will be R2 500

The Course Contribution Process

We are currently recruiting the first batch of suitable contributors via their Twitter profiles. The initial discussions and negotiations will be conducted via Twitter’s Direct Message (DM) system.

When we have reached around 100 contributors we will be using Loomio to project manage the course. All contributors will be invited to participate.

Viral Marketing via Twitter
We are building a team of influencers that are willing to Repost (Retweet) RSD Course Posts (Tweets) in exchange for 1 x course voucher (100% off) for every 1,000 views of a Repost within a one week window. Contributors can also participate. Vouchers may be sold at any price or given away to worthy recipients.

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