Rescue Earth System

RRSI Regenerative Systems Design MOOC Courses

The Regenerative Resilience Sustainability Institute is the research & development division of the Rescue Earth System.

Regenerative Systems Design Courses

Regenerative Resilience Sustainability Institute -- RRSI

The Regenerative Systems Design Courses are in the process of being developed. There are 15 qualifications, 12 at standard levels (5 Certificate and 7 Diploma) and 3 specialist levels (Advanced Diploma (Honours level course), MSc and PhD or DSc) . The standard levels are made up of 16 core tracks and hundreds of modules! Each qualification has many tracks and qualifies in a level. Each track has 6 phases and a varying number of modules. Modules are also part of many threads (categories) e.g. composting, rocket stoves, biochar, etc.

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Join us for the regenerative restoration of Earth’s ecosystems and the sustainable development of resilient communities — economy, infrastructure …