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RO*Food Market Garden System

The Intensive Rapid-Cycle Method of growing vegetables uses super plugs to speed up the cycling of crops in your garden / small farm.

RO*Food Market Garden System

Growing Regeneratively Optimised Food

The RO*Food Market Garden System (MGS) is based on the Intensive Rapid-Cycle Method of growing vegetables using super plugs to speed up the cycling of crops in market gardens and small farms. Many Market Gardens using the RO*Food MGS start off by using the principles of French Intensive Gardening or the Minimum Dig Broadfork Method to till the soil. However, most growers transition to the No-Dig version of the Intensive Rapid-Cycle Method when their soil has enough organic matter and optimal soil life.


What you can do on the Sustainability Credit Exchange

The Rescue Earth Sustainability Credit Exchange (RESCUE Exchange) is a highly secure transaction platform based on banking software. It is also a dynamic searchable geo-directory of volunteer projects, donors, businesses and volunteers.

The tokens and points (units-of-exchange) that are available on your profile are: BZ, DP, pRE, Qu and RE. Below is a brief summary of the tokens and points that you can use.

BZ — Blitz

BZ tokens are used by the Permablitz System for Permablitz participants to exchange / swap time. 1 BZ equals 1 minute of participant time. 2 BZ equals 1 minute of specialist time and 3 BZ equals 1 minute of a certified Permaculture Designers time. A specialist is for example, a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, etc. plus anyone that has completed Level 6 of the Regenerative Systems Design Course — RSD MOOC.

The first 10,000 new members will get rewarded with an early-bird bonus of 600 BZ that they must donate to an NPO of their choice. Although public space Permablitzes were originally supposed to increase the amount of BZ in circulation, the Covid-19 pandemic changed that goal. The 6,000,000 BZ in bonus BZ will be enough to kick-start the system. Public space Permablitzes (Permascapes) will soon be able to fulfill this role again.

What is a Permablitz? A Permablitz is a rapid makeover / restoration of a property to be more regenerative, resilient and sustainable using permaculture as a guide. The term permablitz is a contraction of permaculture and blitz, where a blitz simply means a focused effort to get something done quickly!

To be defined as a permablitz each project must be underpinned by a permaculture design done by someone with a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) –- the most basic permaculture qualification. Permablitz projects are predominantly in more urban / peri-urban landscapes.

In the future, you may use your ‘earned’ BZ to revamp your own property or donate them to an NPO / CBO or a friend!

DP — Discount Points

The monthly Discount Point (DP) allocation is based on a volunteers’ RE balance at the end of each month — 1 DP is allocated per 1200 RE. A transfer of 1 DP per discounted product purchased is used as (1) a member identification method and (2) to limit the quantity of products purchased. The DP system will start in March 2022.

The more someone volunteers, the more RE they accumulate, and the more discounted products they can purchase! For example: A person with 120 000 RE would get 100 DP. They would be able to buy 100 products that offer a range of discounts between 5% and 50%. RESCUE Exchange members can use DP when shopping online with Syntropy Health & Lifestyle.

Discounts are the norm! Most people buy 100s of discounted products every month at multiple retailers and other businesses. Many consumers are also members of ‘loyalty’ systems that offer exclusive members-only discounts for example, Discovery Health, Banks, Coffee Club, etc.

For example: Discovery

With the new benefit, members can now save 25% upfront on a wide range of sports gear and equipment and fitness devices at Sportsmans Warehouse and Totalsports. And Vitality and Discovery Bank clients can save up to 75% upfront on qualifying fitness devices and Nike performance footwear and apparel at Sportsmans Warehouse, Totalsports and Nike stores (excluding Nike Factory stores and

For a massive 75% upfront discount on Vitality Active Gear, join Discovery Bank and access your personalised discount based on your product type and card colour, qualifying spend and Vitality Money status. This means that members can save from 10% to 75% upfront on qualifying fitness devices and Nike performance footwear and apparel if they’re a Vitality Health member with a qualifying Discovery Bank product and Vitality Money.

pRE — Patron RESCUE

Patron RESCUE (pRE) are a non-transferable register of monetary ‘support’ made by individuals towards the 20+ Rescue Earth Initiatives and the approved projects of the Regenerative Community Action Network by purchasing Quanta. All the income is distributed by the Regenerative Restoration Fund. In other words pRE are used to log your contribution to the Regenerative Restoration Fund. See Quanta (Qu) below for more information.

On average, each South African needs to contribute R2,000 towards the regenerative restoration of South Africa! However … Some will pay more, some will pay less, and most will not pay at all, but a total of approximately R60 Billion is required for non-labour costs such as the purchase or hiring of wood chippers, earth moving equipment, farm equipment, spares, fuel, etc. and another R60 Billion is required by the Regenerative Community Action Network (RegenCAN).

All funds and equipment etc. will be managed by a special purpose co-operative that is ‘owned’ by pRE supporters that have exchanged a minimum of R10,000 towards the Regenerative Restoration Fund by purchasing Quanta. Furthermore, co-operative members need to reach a prescribed level of volunteer RE and pRE before they are eligible to be directors.

Very little VAT and taxes will be due because all funds raised from exchanging ZAR for Qu tokens go to purchase fixed assets (machinery, mobile abattoir, etc.) and materials & services (fuel, servicing, rock dust, packaging, etc.), most of which are purchased from VAT vendors, and because most of the ZAR funds raised are used to produce the premium food that is purchased with Quanta.

pRE are not transferable but can be inherited from a deceased member.

Qu — Quanta

Quanta (Qu) are used for community exchange transactions between members — e.g. swapping out home grown vegetables, when buying heirloom seeds, paying for a practical course, an elective course, etc. — and online via the Syntropy Health & Lifestyle shop.

N.B. Community exchange transactions between members is limited to R500 per month.

A core goal of Syntropy Health & Lifestyle is to enable the development of a Regenerative Food & Health System. Most of the Qu tokens issued will be used to pay for the Certified RO*Food products — meat, eggs, preserves, fruit & vegetables, etc. via the special purpose co-operative. All the Qu tokens are then resold to members.

In summary: Every Quanta (Qu) token issued is an exchange for ZAR that goes to fund a Rescue Earth Initiative. In the context of the Rescue Earth System, Qu functions as a transition enabling token.

When RESCUE Exchange membership reaches a total of 10,000 members, all fundraising (the Regenerative Restoration Fund and ads 4 a cause fundraising) and the Community Exchange System will be managed by the special purpose co-operative mentioned above. Members will own and have full control of the fundraising, assets and transactional components of the system.

RE — RESCUE — Sustainability Credits

A RESCUE — pronounced as rescue — is a measurable Sustainability Credit and Carbon Credit. RESCUE are represented by the RE ‘token’ symbol when using the Sustainability Credit Exchange. Although RE are not transferable, they can be inherited from a deceased member.

1 minute volunteer time = 1 RE = +/- 1 kg CO2e sequestrated from the atmosphere.

Volunteers volunteer to projects that are members of the Rescue Earth System and are awarded 1 RE per minute they volunteer by the project they are volunteering at. N.B. The Rescue Earth System does not have its own projects.

The only income that the Rescue Earth System (Regenerative Systems) receives is the R100 monthly membership fee. All other funds are paid directly to NPOs or to the special purpose co-operative.

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