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Regenerative Restoration Targets for South Africa

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Regenerative Restoration -- South Africa

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When you volunteer to help Rescue Earth from ecosystem collapse, you are participating in one of society’s most noble efforts to ensure a better future for all life on Earth. This includes donating towards or volunteering in actions that help the world achieve the 17 goals and 169 targets of the of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) — agreements that are underwritten by the South African government. By joining the Rescue Earth System you can LOG (get recognition for) your Volunteer Hours and / or your Donations

Regenerative Restoration Targets for South Africa

The non-labour costs of all the Rescue Earth Initiatives is +/- R600 Billion. Around R6 Billion per initiative per year! All the labour is provided by volunteers.

The total non-labour costs of all the initiatives, including UN SDGs, is +/- R2.5 Trillion which is about 10% of South Africa’s GDP over 5 years. Approximately R1.25 Trillion is expected to be donated by international sources. With a 50% subsidy from international donors, South Africa will thus only need to spend around 5% of GDP to meet its 5 Year Targets.

R600 Billion will be raised locally and spent on the Rescue Earth Initiatives listed bellow.

Rescue Earth Initiatives

5 Year TargetUnit
Reforestation & Trees7 500 000 000Trees
Diverse Cover Crops6 000 000 x 5yrsHectares
Regenerative Grazing60 000 000 x 5yrsHectares
Keyline Water Management60 000 000Hectares
Ecosystem  Restoration20 000 000Hectares
Bioremediation Systems1 000 000Units
Bio-Active Compost80 000 000m3
CCHP Activated Biochar80 000 000m3
Public Places / Placemaking1 000 000Units
Permascapes1 000 000Units
Community Food Gardens100 000Units
Community Co-operatives100 000Units
Wood Chippers & Shredders100 000Units
Leaky Check Dam Systems10 000 000Units
Infiltration Swale Systems1 000 000km
Walking & Cycling Paths100 000km
Rain Garden LID Systems10 000 000Units
Regenerative Food System100 000 000Tons
Volunteer System Support25 000 000Units
GIS Carbon Mapping122 000 000Hectares

What you get by joining today:

You get 108,000 RE worth of Sustainability Credits — from which you will get R100 worth of discount points (DP) per month — plus you get a once-off allocation of 100 Qu (Quanta) which you can use to purchase home grown veggies, heirloom seeds, homemade products, etc. from any Community Exchange member. And please note that you can use 6 months of DP in advance!

You also get 3,000 Blitz (BZ) units which you can use for a Permablitz. The 3,000 BZ is equal to 1 Permaculture Designer @ 3 BZ per minute plus 7 volunteers @ 1 BZ per minute working for 5 hours on a Permablitz located at your property or at a location nominated by you. The Permablitz System will be starting soon.

Join us for the regenerative restoration of Earth’s ecosystems and the sustainable development of resilient communities — economy, infrastructure …

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Join us for the regenerative restoration of Earth’s ecosystems and the sustainable development of resilient communities — economy, infrastructure …