Energy Transition & Behaviour Change

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Energy Transition & Behaviour Change

Personal Target: 1 MWh of electricity generated / saved per year
Initiative Global Target: 1,000 TWh of electricity generated / saved per year
Ultimate Global Goal: 10,000 TWh of electricity generated / saved per year

Energy is without doubt the one of the toughest of the modern conveniences to transition from. Unfortunately, the end of abundance is the end of cheap energy. Fortunately, the cost of installing Solar PV has decreased significantly. For most households, installing a Solar PV System is the easiest way to generate 1 MWh of electricity per year. Likewise, reducing electricity consumption by 25% is also a relatively simple and easy to implement intervention.

How can I make a difference?

You can choose any one or more of the interventions listed below and your contribution will make a significant difference to the self-generation levels in your bioregion.

N.B. The standardised financial contribution ERIx10 fee is 100 x the minimum wage rate in your country.

Install a Solar PV System

If you would like to go for it alone then this is the best option for you. In a sunny country, a 3 kWh Solar PV System will generate around 5 MWh (5,000 kWh) per year! The same system in a less sunny place should generate a least 1 MWh.

You can use the Permablitz System to get others to help you. The Permablitz System uses the BZ token for transactions via the

Join a local project and help them to build a community renewable energy system

If your home is unsuitable for a Solar PV System, then joining a community renewable energy system is a great way to invest in renewable energy. Furthermore, most countries have already or are about to allow for the wheeling of electricity over the grid from community renewable energy systems to their members.

Pay the ERIx10 fee or volunteer towards the development of a renewable energy system for a Non-Profit Organisation.

Many non-profits are struggling with the high cost of energy. You can help them to install a Solar PV System by volunteering or by paying the ERIx10 fee towards the material costs.