Collaboration & Community Resilience

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Collaboration & Community Resilience

Personal Target: 100 hours of local volunteerism
Initiative Global Target: 100 billion hours of local volunteerism
Ultimate Global Goal: 1 trillion hours of local volunteerism

The Collaboration & Community Resilience intervention is mostly about volunteerism. It is also about investing in local co-operatives.

How can I make a difference?

Join a co-operative or a community based organisation (CBO) and actively participate in its operations by volunteering for 100 hours or paying someone to work on your behalf.

N.B. The standardised financial contribution ERIx10 fee is 100 x the minimum wage rate in your country.

Compost your Organic Waste

If you would like to go for it alone then this is the best option for you. Composting your ///

Pay the ERIx10 fee or volunteer towards community composting project

A community composting project is ///