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Volunteerism is key to us achieving our shared ambition of a fairer and more prosperous world with equality of opportunity for all and saving Earth from ecosystem collapse.

A Back to Work Initiative

12 habitual protocols to get back to work ASAP

The ‘12 habitual protocols to get back to work ASAP’ is the cheapest and most effective way to stop the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus and save our haemorrhaging global economy from total collapse, and at the same time Rescue Earth. It is a grassroots volunteer based initiative. It will thus have a far bigger impact to small business and ordinary people than those that rely mostly on top down efforts. It will also help to get us all back to work ASAP

#masks4all — “you protect me, I protect you”

The 12 habitual protocols we should practice
  1. If you are mildly sick self-isolate at home (even from your family)
    Note: in the early stages of the Covid-19 Pandemic, some countries may require that you notify the authorities if you have reason to believe that you may be infected.
  2. If you have more severe symptoms follow your countries guidelines to get medical treatment
  3. All vulnerable age groups should self-isolate until there is a vaccine or until better treatment protocols are researched and approved
  4. Wear a mask when in public places. And you should help to make sure that everyone is encouraged to wear a mask in public. See Twitter :: #masks4all
  5. Practice strict 6 ft / 2 metre physical distancing and avoid walking near to or through large groups of people even when wearing a mask
  6. Wash hands frequently and wash them thoroughly especially after being in public places. Use an alcohol cleanser or wash with ordinary soap for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  7. All hands of public transport commuters and shoppers should be sprayed with an alcohol cleanser by volunteers / paid workers
  8. All high contact surfaces in public transport systems should be constantly disinfected by volunteers / paid workers
  9. All high contact surfaces in high traffic public areas including shopping malls, ATMs, etc. should be constantly disinfected by volunteers / paid workers
  10. All high contact surfaces of shopping trolleys should be disinfected after every use and shopping trolleys should also be pressure washed with soapy water.
  11. If you can afford to, become a habitual donor and support charities and people you know that are in need
  12. And become a habitual volunteer to help beat the Covid-19 Pandemic and the many more challenges that we face!

You can also help by joining the ads 4 a cause business directory and to volunteer or / and fund NGOs working on the measures mentioned above and more.

Volunteerism Initiatives

Developing a culture of volunteerism is a core objective of the Rescue Earth System. It is not the contribution of any one individual, but the collective efforts of the whole, that will define our success in saving Earth from Ecosystem Collapse.

Volunteer to Rescue Earth

We must rise and face the environmental challenges of our time by reversing the economic, physical and social decline of places. This can be achieved by the practice of regenerative restoration of degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems and habitats in the environment by active human intervention and action.

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